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B-Grade actress Swathi Naidu hot stills

Swathi Naidu Biography- She is a telugu girl who acted in telugu short films,  she is popoular now on TV as she co-anchors a Health show on CVR news channel with Dr G Samaram.  She is very bold on youtube by doing bkini photoshoots and exhibiting romantic gestures. Is Swathi inspired from Poonam pandey a self made celebrity who became popular among youth pan India.

Today in Tollywood small and big movies new and young comedians are appearing to make laugh people. All these small comedians are coming into cine field from small screen shows.

They were showing their talent in television comedy shows and stepping into big screens. But some of the comedians are appearing in both screens to gain some more money in that Chammak Chandra is also there.

From few months onwards lots of negative comments are spreading on small screen artists. Present actress Swathi Naidu made some sensational comments on famous small screen comedian Chammak Chandra.

She said comedian Chandra cheating small artists that too girls only who are looking for a single opportunities. He is calling to some innocent ladies and saying that he will give offers in Jabardasth show or even in some other shows.

This type of news is not new on Jabardasth actors in past Venu, Chalaki Chanti, Shankar and some other also faced these type of comments from other small actors.

Swathi Naidu is one of the small actresses in Tollywood. She is looking for good opportunities in Telugu film Industry to show her talent on big screen.

Now she was earning some money by doing small roles in small budget films. Public did not response on this news to much. People have to wait and see what happen next.

Chammak Chandra is one of the comedian in Telugu film Industry. He was done very small roles in movies. He become fames with Jabardasth comedy show in Telugu.

By using this comedy stage he has shown his talent to public, Tollywood producers and directors. Now he is getting some big offers in small budget films and top heroes films.

In Jabardasth show is king in doing lady oriented skits. He impressed all television audiences with is comedy acting skills. At present Chammak Chandra is doing two films in Tollywood.

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