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Hot Mallu actress Navya Nair

Born: October 14, 1985 (age 28), Cheppad
Occupation: Actor, Author, TV Personality, Dancer
Biography: Dhanya Veena better known by her stage name Navya Nair, is an Indian actress who works in Malayalam,Tamil, and Kannada films. She is well established in Malayalam. She is two time recipient of Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress and Kalaimamani award.

After a gap of two years, actress Navya Nair is back in silver screen as Rani in “Drishya” which is a remake of the Malayalam super hit film “Drishyam.” She is a household name in Kerala and is excited about her upcoming KaNavya Nairada film “Drishya” opposite V. Ravichandran. Actress Navya talks about her return and her upcoming release “Drishya.”

So how does it feel to be back in films?

Navya Nair: It feels great! I am happy to make a return with a film like “Drishya.” The film and the team I worked with are amazing. Moreover, it is remake of the Malayalam super hit film “Drishyam.” Who doesn’t want to be part of a film like that.

What was your thought when you committed yourself to “Drishya”?

Navya Nair: I was elated when they approached me to do “Drishya” because I was clear about the story line of the film. The story of the film is relevant to the whole world and it is not any regional based. Any part of the world which has lower class, middle class and a high class will definitely relate themselves to the film. “Drishya” is all about conflict of a middle class family. Same time, the film discuss problems faced by teenage girls and the approach of society towards them. Right now in India, we discuss about it every day and the film is very timely. “Drishya” talks about a family’s struggle to solve a problem that fall on them unexpectedly. The film also re-establishes one’s faith in family system.

Have you watched the original version “Drishyam”?

Navya Nair: Yes, I did and I loved the film. I had watched it with my family before I signed “Drishya.” Malayalam version did influence my decision to be a part of the remake. I am happy that I did take up this role.

Is there any change in the KaNavya Nairada version of the film with that of the original version?

Navya Nair: The story line of the film is same. When you make a film, you have to keep in mind the taste of audience also. In Malayalam, the first half of the film is little slow. In KaNavya Nairada , some changes have been made to make it little bit more interesting for the audience without losing the essence of the film.

How was your experience with the team of “Drishya”?

Navya Nair: It was amazing. I think the team was able to bring out the best in me. Let it be Ravichandran sir, who plays my husband in the film or Vasu sir who is the director of the film, they all were very supportive. Both of them are very senior to me. Ravi sir is like a ‘school of film.’ There isn’t anything that he does not know. Talking about Vasu sir, he is very confident filmmaker. He knew each dialogue of the film by heart. He was very clear what he wanted from each of us. The kind of clarity he had with the content of each shot was simply superb. A good film happens only when its director is clear. In that way, “Drishya” is really a director’s film.

You play mother to a teenage girl in the film. Were you worried about doing the role convincingly?

Navya Nair: Yes, I was worried about that initially. The whole film set had that feeling of whether I will be convincing enough for a role like that. But once you start getting in to the character, you will definitely strike a chord. The kind of faith the director had in me must be appreciated. There are many actors who have done characters that do not match their age. The best example will be Aamir Khan in ‘3 Idiots’. You know his age is not that of a college student but he was very convincing in the film. Look at Kaviyoor PoNavya Nairamma aunty, a veteran actress in Malayalam films. She started doing the role of a mother at the age of 18, I guess. I caNavya Nairot imagine doing something like that. She looked really convincing in those roles because of her commitment to do roles like that. Same way, I am sure I looked convincing enough and the script demanded something like that.

What are your final thoughts before the release of “Drishya”?

Navya Nair: I have huge expectations on this film. As far as I know, the film had come out well and people will definitely accept it, at the same time, you never know how audiences are going to react to it. I will be there in Bangalore on its release day for the films preview. Whatever the result be, I am fortunate that I was able to be part of a film like this.

Since you are back in films, can we expect more films from you?

Navya Nair: Films happen to you if destiny wishes to. You never know what will happen to you next. If it is written for you it will come to you. Right now, my son is more important to me. I need to spend more time with him as he is growing up. He is only three years old. I can’t do films like how I did before. I have not committed any films yet. But I will not shy away if good characters along with good films and good directors come along.

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