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Hot Tamil Aunty Bhuvaneswari Masala Pictures – Very Spicy

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36 responses to “Hot Tamil Aunty Bhuvaneswari Masala Pictures – Very Spicy

  1. you are very decent,sensual,virtuous,modest,amative,blossoming glooming finest creation of beauty. a gazal lives and flows in yours beautiful charming sensuous body.

  2. your eye like a fish and your just like a big mango your lips like a jamun your bottom no wards like a sewage tank

  3. hai buvaneshwari you have very sexy breast and body …..pls sleep with me………
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  4. Un mulaya kasaki kitte un pundai la nakka pottu nakikiue irukanum di 24 hr un punai ya apdiye nakki sappi kasaki urinjanum, honey ya uangi un pundaila uthi nakki nakki sapdanum

  5. i appreciate your guts to be an item girl and still be a good human being
    may you blessed with your choicest feelings and dreams

  6. Un suutha na naakunum appo ne vaaya throkum pothu ea suuniya oduva appo ne nalla saapunu,apparam un pundiala ea naka otu attie a a a a a

  7. hey guys, please dont ask bhuvi’s adress or number , coz i already booked her for 50 years. now im the owner of bhuvi , better luck next actress. please leave us alone, we like to enjoy our life…

  8. plzzz buvaneshwari aunty ninnu dengalani3yrs nundi wait chesthunna plzz oka sari ne numbr cheppava plzzzzzzzzzzz

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