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Hot Tamil sexy Telugu actress free Photos

This is a story about two Indians Rakesh and Keerthi……

Rakesh and Keerthi went to their native village where they used to stay before..they resided in a guest house which he booked for 5 days..keerthi saw the neighbour aunty who was very nice to them.Rakesh was busy speaking to natives n keerthi wantedly teased him by wearing her saree(a 6 yard cloth draped around d body exposing d waist part) very much below her big deep navel n exposing her navel secretly to him while he was talking to them.Rakesh was waiting for a chance to play with her navel and his chance arrived very soon!!!

Keerthi was speaking with her neighbour, a old women standing beside compound wall separating both houses…Rakesh slowly crawled below the wall n the wall was upto her breast’s level…she was talking to them n he reached her..she was shocked seeing him there sitting on his knees infront of her and he was not visible to women on other side of the wall…Keerthi :” Let’s meet tomorrow n thank u for being so nice”…but the eager women mob didnt leave her…they continued questioning her…

Our hero started his games…first he lowered her chiffon black saree below her navel n started looking at her deep navel.The fat deposited around her navel region was making her navel look much more deeeeper!!!he slowly made circled around her stomach region with his fingers very smoothly n she was just pushing his fingers…he suddenly poked her deep navel with his index finger very deeply n started twisting his finger in her navel…she started to loose balance n the women didnt understand what was happening and asked her wat was happening to her…..”nothinggggg…nnothhingggg”she tried to cover up…but he didnt show any mercy on her …he kept his lips around her navel n slowly entered his tongue inside her deep navel valley…she started shaking….he circled in her navel vth his tongue n she was losing control on her body…with extreme inconvinience she was answering the women’s queries…he later took a grass n inserted that in her navel n started circling that in her sexy navel….she was breathing heavily, later the women left n then keerthi pushed him to the ground n ran inside the home….he was very happy..

The next day ,they visited a pond n keerthi was amazed by its beauty…rakesh asked keerthi to lie beside the pond n she didnt understand y he had asked to do so…but she obeyed him.He moved her saree from her waist n dropped a live fish on her deep navel…she was amazed as the fish started gasping for water n she was suffering more than the fish becoz it was very cold n continuously moving on her navel n fish’s head got stuck in her navel…he removed the fish n threw that into water n she was happy that he didnt kill fish for his pleasure…she was lying like that n he started kissing her navel n finally pumped a very tight kiss on her deep sexy navel!!!”waaaaaaahhh!stop it rakesh,iam tired”..”then i ll give u energy…”he said nstarted squeezing her soft well grown breasts….she pushed his hands n they started walking towards their room..

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