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Priyanka Mehta Challenges The Weather

It is said that luck favours those who dare, but in Priyanka Mehta’s case luck favoured her because she didn’t dare.

She never tried hard to get a role. She even didn’t try for getting a chance to act as she thought she was not eligible to be a good actress.

One fine morning she got a call from Aashu Trikha the director of the new film ‘Zindagi Tere Naam’ and that’s it. Priyanka became the heroine of the director’s next film.

But the easy way of getting a chance in front of the camera has not made this lady to take acting lightly. She went and attended the Kishore Namit Kapoor acting classes and prepared well before the shooting and she behaved exactly like an experienced professional who go to any lengths for the betterment of the film.

When the unit of ‘Zindagi Tere Naam’ was shooting in Dalhousie under extreme temperatures wearing thin clothes, Priyanka fainted due to the harsh weather.

She was rushed to the hospital where she was given a drip. But when the new actress found out that the shooting have been stopped due to here absence she insisted on resuming the shoot to which the director Aashu Trikha and the whole unit opposed.

Priyanka managed to impose her decision to start the shoot again on the film maker and his crew and completed the scene.

The explanation given by Priyanka is that if the entire unit is so professional and treated her so well after she came back from the hospital and be this dedicated, why I should also not be as sincere and professional as them towards this film.

Priyanka, u have shown what stuff you are made of. Keep up with the same attitude and great spirits.

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