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Sexy Sangavi hot Tamil Pics

Vijay Ex-Girl Friend is Sangavi!

While Vijay is in Thirunallar, worshipping Saneeswara Bagawan, seeking help in smooth release of his movie ‘Jilla’, his ex-girl friend Sangavi, who was once arrested on brothel charges claims, she is still single.Though Sangavi was a very busy actress, doing more than 75 movies, she all of a sudden disappeared and was related to negative news.

Now, she is making herself busy by appearing in TV serials. She is now acting as a police officer in one of the TV serial.She has a licensed pistol and is always found with that. She called up few reporters and she herself declared that “Media is spreading gossips about my marriage.

They discuss about my would-be and also about my betrothal. It is true that my family is in search of suitable Maapillai who has broad mind to marry me. If you know anyone with broaaaaaaad mind, please tell me…. If the boy is good, I will marry him”Dear readers, if you know any boy with broad mind, that might suit Sangavi’s profile, please contact her for immediate marriage… Please note, the boy should be a good boy…

No baaaaad boys please…

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